1 2 Prince vol. 1 by Yu Wo

By Yu Wo

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Surprise! And still more surprising, because it was simply unbelievable… “Wha– What on earth…” I was at a loss for words, because this pet just defied imagination. Even if a sacred beast – such as a kirin, a phoenix or even a dragon – had hatched, I would have been a lot less shocked. I grabbed Lolidragon tightly with one hand and looked at her beseechingly, wanting to confirm that she was seeing the same thing I was. Lolidragon’s face was the picture of bewilderment and her mouth hung slack in a most unbecoming manner.

After bidding farewell to Rose and company, I ventured back to the village on my own to change my class. Once I entered the village, I rushed to find the warrior class’s NPC. ” “That’s quick! As they say, Yangtze swells with each new wave, shore becomes the waves’ mass grave…”15 Seeing Uncle was about to start yet another long-winded discussion, I hurriedly headed him off. ” “All right, all right! Young people these days…” Mumbling non-stop, the NPC uncle took the wolf fangs from me. All of a sudden, a white light enveloped me and I heard the system’s voice speaking.

True, that seems to have quite a “bright” future,17 but we only have a warrior and a thief in our party. ” “Relax! Just wait and I’ll teach you the real way to fight – no sweat, blood, or money required,” she replied confidently. 17 Brightest future/“bright” future: This was originally meant to be a pun. What Lolidragon says is actually, “有 前途” (yŏu qián tú), meaning “has a bright future”, while Prince replies with, “有钱途” (yŏu qián tú), meaning “a lucrative future”, which sounds identical to the earlier phrase.

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