365 Sex Moves: Positions for Having Sex a New Way Every Day by Randi Foxx

By Randi Foxx

Get prepared for the simplest 12 months of your existence! 365 intercourse Moves deals scorching and interesting positions for each day of the yr. full of attractive images and brief process descriptions that get correct to the purpose, this booklet helps you to easily pick-up-and-play and do the placement proven. no matter if you’re drawn to making an attempt anything a bit of varied or are prepared for a complicated acrobatic place, 365 intercourse Moves has all of it. With this attractive little consultant, you’ll by no means understand what the day—or night—will bring.

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His partner positions herself perpendicularly at his side with her back turned and buttocks upturned. As he pleasures himself he liberally lashes her vagina from behind. 47 DAY 42 THE SHOCK ABSORBER Fasten your seat belts! The woman brings her knees in toward her chest as her lover enters her from a kneeling position. Deep penetration and a rocking rhythm are the order of the day (or night). 48 365 SEX MOVES DAY 43 UP AND AWAY He’s seated in a chair with his legs pointing straight out. She mounts her lover, facing away from him, with her hands holding his legs.

56 365 SEX MOVES DAY 52 THE DEEP “C” DIVE She stretches out on the bed as her lover sits on his butt and moves himself in between her legs. She brings her legs up over his shoulders making it all the more easy for him to deliver an earth-shattering round of oral ecstasy. 57 DAY 53 PUPPY LOVE Here’s the classic doggy-style position. She’s on all fours as her lover, on his knees, enters her from behind. He can move as fast and as hard as he wants, until she yelps for more. 58 365 SEX MOVES DAY 54 TAKING DICTATION He situates himself atop a low-lying file cabinet with one foot resting up against its side.

38 365 SEX MOVES DAY 33 EXTENDED BLISS She gets on her knees and rests her upper body in a chair. He partner lifts one of her legs and extends it straight back as he mounts her from behind. Using a pillow with this position really is a knee-saver. 39 DAY 34 THE MULTITASKER She perches on top of a file cabinet and spreads her legs. She’s working on a report, but her lover knows what she really wants. He pleasures her orally until she says it’s quitting time. 40 365 SEX MOVES DAY 35 THE LAP WRAP The man sits on the edge of the bed with his feet on the floor.

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