40. A Doonesbury Retrospective 1990 to 1999 by G.B. Trudeau

By G.B. Trudeau

Created through the group that introduced you The entire a long way Side and The entire Calvin and Hobbes, the large anthology 40 marks Doonesbury's40th anniversary via interpreting extensive the characters that experience given the strip such energy. This 3rd quantity of the four-volume book variation of 40 covers the years 1990 to 1999 for the distinguished sketch strip.

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Fenwick had been asked for her views because, of course, it was widely assumed that she was the model for Lacey. In fact, Lacey made her first appearance, along with longtime companion Dick Davenport, under a Walden College reunion tent in May of 1974—eight months before Fenwick arrived in Washington. But by the time Lacey followed her to Congress in 1976, Fenwick had already made an impression, and observers speculated that surely art must be imitating life. Actually, the parallels between the two progressive Republicans were striking: same age, same elegant bearing, same patrician inflections, and same blazing integrity.

Scot Sloan, social justice warrior. D. Mike Doonesbury Mark Slackmeyer Phil Slackmeyer Zonker Harris Barbara Ann Boopstein Nguyen Van Phred Bernie Rufus Jackson Rev. Scot Sloan Joanie Caucus Jim Andrews President King Roland Burton Hedley, Jr. In 1970, there were so many banners afield, so many movements afire. And since the action was predominantly playing out on college campuses, I decided to stick with the undergraduate scene I knew. For the next twelve years, the core characters in Doonesbury stayed put, happily hunkered down at Walden, the cozy commune that housed them as they faithfully failed to age out of college.

For those of you new to Doonesbury, and those who have been away for a while, I’ve provided some running commentary on the characters. Other than that, you’re on your own. Hope you enjoy the trip. Garry Trudeau New York City March 3, 2010 4/9/90 4/10/90 4/11/90 4/13/90 3/11/90 4/30/90 5/1/90 5/2/90 5/4/90 5/21/90 5/22/90 5/23/90 5/24/90 6/25/90 6/26/90 6/27/90 6/28/90 2/25/90 7/17/90 7/18/90 7/26/90 7/27/90 7/30/90 7/31/90 8/1/90 8/2/90 8/13/90 8/14/90 8/16/90 8/17/90 This is how surreal it became: On May 27, 1977, I found myself at a podium at Boalt Hall, UC Berkeley’s law school, poised to give the commencement address.

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