A Few Good Men (Darkship, Book 3) by Sarah A. Hoyt

By Sarah A. Hoyt

Unique alternate paperback, sequel to Darkship Renegades and Darkship Thieves.  The son of a ruler on the earth instigates civil battle and revolution whilst he makes an attempt to take where of his assassinated father and uncovers a negative mystery that has been used to enslave humanity.
The Son additionally Rises…

On a close to destiny Earth, strong guy doesn't suggest good at all.  as an alternative, the time period indicates a member of the ruling category, and what it takes to develop into an outstanding guy and to carry onto energy is downright evil.  Now a conspiracy hundreds of thousands of years within the making is ready to be dropped at gentle whilst the imprisoned son of the nice guy of Olympic Seacity escapes from his solitary confinement phone and returns to discover his father assassinated.

but if Luce Keeva makes an attempt to seize the reins of energy, he reveals that no longer all is because it turns out, plot for his personal coming near near homicide is afoot—and all over the world conflagration looms.  it's a struggle of revolution, and a shadowy team referred to as the Sons of Liberty might turn out to be Luce’s purely best friend in a struggle to throw off an evil from the prior that has enslaved humanity for generations.

Sequel to Sarah A. Hoyt’s award-winning Darkship Thieves, and Darkship Renegades.

About A Few reliable Men:
“Hoyt creates a fast paced and interesting story a couple of revolution and its reluctant leader.”—Galveston County Daily News

About the Darkship series:
"First-rate area opera with an ethical lesson.  You won't be disappointed."—Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit.com

“[A] journey de strength: logical, outfitted from assumptions without contradictions . . . gripping.”–Jerry Pournelle

“[Three Musketeers author] Alexander Dumas may provide [Sarah A. Hoyt] a thumbs up.”–Steve Forbes

“[F]anciful and charming.” –Library Journal

“Exceptional, very good and drastically entertaining.” –Booklist

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