A Grammar of Spoken Brazilian Portuguese by Earl W. Thomas

By Earl W. Thomas

Nonetheless a customary of Brazilian Portuguese language guideline.

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2. There are seven days in a week. 3. Saturday (in the) aftemoon, we are going downtown. 4. On Sunday I go to church. 5. Mr. Garcia, do you eat in the café? 6. The teacher is a pretty lady. 7. He has two daughters; one is good, but one is bad. 8. We have only meat and rice to eat today. 9. Vou have to work tomorrow aftemoon, boys. 1 0. I am generally at school in the morning. 1 1 . Who is it in front of the house? 1 2. Where do you go at night in Rio? 1 3 . He writes a letter every night to his ( the) son at school.

Note that the first person plural of regular preterits is identical with the form of the present tense. Uses of the preterit tense. This tense has retained in Portuguese both of the primary uses of the Latin perfect tense. Thus 49. a. It refers to a single past action, or to action or condition in the past which is Iimited in extent of time. It is especially the tense of narration, and therefore of primary importance. Hoje eu falei com ele. Eu fiquei duas horas. Ele trabalhou muito tempo. Today I spoke to him.

Orfãos orphan o ônibus bus o lápis peneil o animal animal a tarde afternoon o papel /é/ paper o motel /é/ motel Prepositions até until antes de before depois de after Adjectives alemão, fem. alemã German simples simple bom, fem. boa /ô/ good mau, fem . má bad fácil easy difícil hard, difficult aberto /é/ open doente sick, ill rasgado torn, ripped casado married bonito prettY espanhol /ól Spanish Expressions Boa tarde. Good afternoon. Até logo. So long; good bye . Até amanhã. Till tomorrow. 23 Exercise A.

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