Akira Vol. 1, No. 2 by Katsuhiro Otomo

By Katsuhiro Otomo

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John J. Horton 2 Lebanon, Rev. , C. H. Bleaney 3 Lesotho, Rev. , Deborah Johnston 4 Zimbabwe, Rev. , Deborah Potts 5 Saudi Arabia, Rev. , Frank A. , Lesley Pitman 7 South Africa, Rev. , Geoffrey V. Davis 8 Malawi, Rev. , Samuel Decalo 9 Guatemala, Rev. , Ralph Lee Woodward, Jr. 10 Pakistan, David Taylor 11 Uganda, Rev. , Balam Nyeko 12 Malaysia, lan Brown and Rajeswary Ampalavanar 13 France, Rev. , Frances Chambers 14 Panama, Eleanor DeSelms Langstaff 15 Hungary, Thomas Kabdebo 16 USA, Sheila R.

The death toll was probably around 100,000, a quarter of the city's population at the time. Fires acquired the ironic nickname of 'flowers of Edo', and an elaborate neighbourhood system of watchtowers and firefighters developed to try to cope with them. The combination of tight administration and the closure of the country meant that Japan stayed peaceful during the Edo period, allowing the wealthy to spend much of their money on pleasure and amusement. The result was a flowering of the arts and popular culture in both Edo and Osaka, including painting, printing, theatre, and sports.

C. Riley 105 Macau, Richard Louis Edmonds 106 Philippines, Jim Richardson 107 Bulgaria, Richard J. Crampton 108 The Bahamas, Paul G. Boultbee 109 Peru, John Robert Fisher 110 Venezuela, D. A. G. Waddell 111 Dominican Republic, Kai Schoenhals 112 Colombia, Robert H. Davis 113 Taiwan, Wei-chin Lee 114 Switzerland, Heinz K. Meier and Regula A. Meier Page vii 115 Hong Kong, Ian Scott 116 Bhutan, Ramesh C. Dogra 117 Suriname, Rosemarijn Hoefte 118 Djibouti, Peter J. Schraeder 119 Grenada, Kai Schoenhals 120 Monaco, Grace L.

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