Algebraic Geometry and Complex Analysis: Proceedings of the by George R. Kempf (auth.), Enrique Ramírez de Arellano (eds.)

By George R. Kempf (auth.), Enrique Ramírez de Arellano (eds.)

From the contents:G.R. Kempf: The addition theorem for summary Theta functions.- L. Brambila: life of sure common extensions.- A. Del Centina, S. Recillas: On a estate of the Kummer sort and a relation among moduli areas of curves.- C. Gomez-Mont: On closed leaves of holomorphic foliations via curves (38 pp.).- G.R. Kempf: Fay's trisecant formula.- D. Mond, R. Pelikaan: becoming beliefs and a number of issues of analytic mappings (55 pp.).- F.O. Schreyer: yes Weierstrass issues occurr at so much as soon as on a curve.- R. Smith, H. Tapia-Recillas: The Gauss map on subvarieties of Jacobians of curves with gd2's.

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To 1 onto a n o n s i n g u l a r cuartic W. e. i), is just the g i v e n by m u l t i p l i c a t i o n class p(~ - - L gives H ° ( C , D c) ~ H ° ( X , ~ ) and the Gauss ~ E J2(C) the i n v o l u t i o n on construction~ on J(C) X') ~ J(C) by it follows as p . p . a . v -i. 3) where G = @~, ~,: X' ~ I~X, ® ~'I* Let us d e s c r i b e Given such that ~ E X g(x) P1 + P2 the p a r t i t i o n s and 1 g3's of X' . that is P3 + P4 of degree With x' = ~2(PI + P3 ) under and the map x = ~2(PI + P2 ), G: exists I~x, ® v' I* ~ are the two lines y = ~2(P3 + P 4 ) I~ c ® ol then: [~C I* determined P1 + P2 + P3 + P4 6 I~ C ® 0 I by one of as the 2.

DC] 1 A. Del Centina. k-gonal Univ. [DC ]2 curve (1983), G. K e m p f . (6) 4-B Torsion (1985), divisors of Math. 97 Universal an a p p l i c a t i o n Trans. Am. Math. JR] I S. Recillas. [R] 2 S. Recillas. D. varieties on a l g e b r a i c an i n v o l u t i o n Soc. 222 Un. M a t . curves° Pac. 437-441. (1976) Brandeis of curves of trigonal cana 19 (1974) Boll. properties o f Prym v a r i e t i e s to algebraic curves of genus Thesis, lacobians of a Mat. 671-683. (1981) L. Masiewicki. cover Sem.

A. Del Centina. Nodal c u b i c s u r f a c e s and t h e rationality of the moduli space of curves of genus two~ Math. Am. 230 (1985) 599-602. [B-DC] 1 F. Bardelli, [B-DC] 2 F. Bardelli, The m o d u l i s p a c e of g e n u s elliptic curves is rational° A. del Centina. four double covers of Preprint of Ist. Mat. "U. Dini" 1/86-87. [ Be ] A. Beauville. V a r i ~ t ~ de Prym e t J a c o b i e n n e s i n t e r m e d i a t e s , Am. Sci. Ecole Norm. Sup. i0 (1977) 309-391. [DC] 1 A. Del Centina.

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