Alligator by Lisa Moore

By Lisa Moore

Lisa Moore’s wickedly clean first novel—a Canadian most sensible vendor, winner of the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize (Canadian and Caribbean region), and a </I>Globe and Mail</I> e-book of the Year—moves with the swiftness of an alligator in assault mode in the course of the lives of a bunch of brilliantly rendered characters mingling in modern St. John’s, Newfoundland. St. John’s is a urban whose non secular situation is someplace within the center of Flannery O’Connor kingdom. Its denizens jostle each other in uneasy arabesques of wish, greed, and ambition, juxtaposed with a craving for purity, intensity, and redemption. Colleen is a seventeen-year-old would-be ecoterrorist, drawn inexorably to the areas the place alligators thrive. Her mom, Beverly, is cloaked in grief after the dying of her husband. Beverly’s sister, Madeleine, is a pushed, getting older filmmaker who obsesses over finishing her magnum opus sooner than she dies. And Frank, a tender guy whose existence is an odd anthology of unpredictable hazards, is wanting to guard his hot-dog stand from sociopathic Russian sailor Valentin, whose predatory trends threaten each person he encounters. Alligator is a outstanding publication, a suspenseful, heartfelt, and attractive tale that examines the ruthlessly reptilian and painfully human aspects of we all.

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