American Nightmares: The Haunted House Formula in American by Dale Bailey

By Dale Bailey

 When Edgar Allan Poe set down the story of the accursed apartment of herald 1839, he additionally laid the root for a literary culture that has assumed a long-lasting function in American tradition. “The condo of Usher” and its literary progeny haven't lacked for tenants within the century and a part for the reason that: writers from Nathaniel Hawthorne to Stephen King have taken rooms within the haunted homes of yankee fiction. Dale Bailey strains the haunted condominium story from its origins in English gothic fiction to the paperback potboilers of the current, highlighting the original importance of the home within the household, monetary, and social ideologies of our state. the writer concludes that the haunted apartment has turn into a robust and profoundly subversive image of every little thing that has long gone nightmarishly awry within the American Dream.

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As in Walpole's Castle of Otranto, the gothic castle functioned as a 24 American Nightmares symbol of corrupt political authority. Hawthorne retains this conceit in the authority of Colonel Pyncheon and his sinister descendant, Judge Pyncheon. However, while the machinations of these figures drive the novel's plot, Hawthorne shifts the focus of the narrative to the family gradually developing within the House of Seven Gables. If only because they are so rarely on stage, neither Colonel nor Judge Pyncheon dominates the reader's imagination as do traditionally Byronic heroes such as Monk Lewis's Ambrosio or Emily Bronte's Heathcliff.

The fact is, there is nothing genteel about either The Sentient House and the Ghostly Tradition 21 tale. The visceral physicality of their supernatural imagery outweighs mere psychological ambiguity. All the arguments about unreliable narrators in an entire university library can't outweigh the persuasive authority of Madeline Usher's animate husk as it lurches across the threshold into her shrieking brother's arms or the horror of Judge Pyncheon's bloody onlooking corpse as the shades of his ancestors progress in silent judgment through the parlor of Hawthorne's many-gabled house.

Scratch the surface of a fairy tale, Jackson suggests, and you lay bare the foul philosophy of men like Hugh Crain. Because it embodies Hugh Crain's philosophy in both its architecture and history, Hill House activates Eleanor's ambivalence about the patriarchy and the June Cleaver ideology. The defiant aspect of her personality (the "Theo" aspect) responds to the house with horror.

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