Anne of Green Gables (Webster's Korean Thesaurus Edition) by Lucy Maud Montgomery

By Lucy Maud Montgomery

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Gable: 박공, 박풍, 박공 구조. lighted: 불이 켜진. muslin: 모슬린, 무명 모슬린, 캘리코. painfully: 애써, 고생하여, 수고하여, 아파서, 아파하여. skimpy: 다라운, 모자라는, 인색한, 꽉 죄는, 불충분한. three-cornered: 세 사람의 선수로 된, 세모의, 고집스러운. three-legged: 다리가 셋인. trailing: 길게 나부끼는, 질질끌리는, 기는. undress: 장식을 떼다, 옷을 벗기다, 옷을 벗다, 평복, 의 옷을 벗기다, 평상복의, 폭로하다, 알몸이나 다름없는 상태, 알몸 상태. wistfully: 바라는 듯이. Lucy Maud Montgomery 29 to the very marrow of Anne’s bones. With a sob she hastily discarded her garments, put on the skimpy nightgown and sprang into bed where she burrowed face downward into the pillow and pulled the clothes over her head.

The child hesitated for a moment. ” she said eagerly. “Call you Cordelia? ” “No-o-o, it’s not exactly my name, but I would love to be called Cordelia. ” “I don’t know what on earth you mean. ” Korean burying: 매장, 묻음. deprecatingly: 겸손하여, 반대를 외쳐, 비난조로, 애원하듯이, 비난하듯이, 애원조로. disuse: 사용을 그만두다, 사용을그만두다, 쓰이지 않음, 쓰이지않음, 쓰지 않음. dropping: 낙하, 강하, 낙하물, 촛농, 듣기, 똑똑 떨어짐, 똥, 방울져 떨어지는것, 적하, 탈모, 투하. eagerly: 열심히, 간절히, 열망하여. grasp: 잡다, 지배, 쥐다, 쥠, 잡으려 하다, 자루, 이해하다, 이해, 달려들다, 손잡이, 이해력. grim: 엄한, 무서운, 불굴의, 험상궂은, 잔인한, 얼굴이 무서운, 완강한.

But it was morning and, yes, it was a cherry-tree in full bloom outside of her window. With a bound she was out of bed and across the floor. She pushed up the sash—it went up stiffly and creakily, as if it hadn’t been opened for a long time, which was the case; and it stuck so tight that nothing was needed to hold it up. Anne dropped on her knees and gazed out into the June morning, her eyes glistening with delight. Oh, wasn’t it beautiful? Wasn’t it a lovely place? Suppose she wasn’t really going to stay here!

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